State of Play #1

I thought I’d start our shiny new development blog off with a post about where we are at the moment, and where we’re planning on going as an indie game studio.

As you’ll probably know if you’ve read our news posts on the website, or our Twitter or Facebook pages, we have a new game coming out this week called Hexxor.

Hexxor is a simple but fun tile matching game. It’s not ground-breaking in the genre, but it is enjoyable to play, which is what we were going for. We built Hexxor for few reasons:

  1. It’s a genre of games that we enjoy, and we want to make sure that we enjoy every game we develop – if you enjoy your work it really shows in the final product, and we feel that it’s important to be passionate about what we do because that’s one of the main reasons we’re doing it!;
  2. We wanted a gauge of how long the development cycle for this sort of game is, and what would be involved in building more complex or more involved games based upon our experiences with Hexxor – that way we can plan more accurately and decide where we’re going with Diado Gaming and on what timescale.
  3. We wanted to start building up libraries of our own custom functionality that we can re-use when developing games in the future. To this end Hexxor has been invaluable, and will significantly reduce the turnaround time on the games we develop from this point onwards.

We’re releasing Hexxor via IndieVania initially and, based on our experiences with them, will be looking at other distribution platforms as we move forward. If you have any preferences or feedback on the various distribution platforms, or perhaps know of one that we might not have heard of or be considering, do drop us a line!

So where are we going after Hexxor? Well, as we said, one of the reasons we built Hexxor was to allow us to get an idea of what would be involved in building more complex or involved games, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do next. We’re not going to try and develop the next SkyRim or Minecraft yet though, that would be silly – walk before you can run and all that! Instead we’re going for a vertically scrolling platformer, tentatively titled Electro Bobble.

Electro Bobble is going to be fun, challenging and a little cute (but not sickeningly so!). We’ve already started work on it but are still in the very early stages – we have some initial concept artwork and are putting together some proof-of-concept code (we’ve already got some pretty cool custom particle engine stuff going on!) to help us decide exactly what direction to take it in. We’re thinking a sort of cross between “bullet hell” style games and something a little more casual. Here’s a quick preview of some of the early concept artwork we have:

Electro Bobble Concept Artwork

We have quite a few interesting ideas for future games as well, not least of which being Super Egg Planet. The idea behind Super Egg Planet keeps evolving and morphing, and it’s looking like it’s going to be quite a big, involved game right now, which is going to require a lot of planning. We’re going to continue to flesh-out the concept behind it and start planning exactly how we’re going to achieve everything we want to with Super Egg Planet whilst we’re working on Electro Bobble, and hopefully it’ll be at a point that we can launch straight into the dev work as soon as we’ve finished Electro Bobble.

In the meantime we’ll be keeping you up-to-date with developments on a daily basis via our Twitter and Facebook pages, so do head over to whichever one you prefer and follow or like us!

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