State of Play #10

This State of Play is an update on what we’re doing at the moment with regard to a number of things, and an insight to our current thinking.

Current Thinking

First of all I’d like to explain where we’re at as a studio, and how we’re planning to proceed over the next 6 months to a year.

We released our last game, Electro Bobble (which is now available on the Amazon App Store in the US!), back in February this year. Despite garnering lots of good reviews, substantial marketing effort on our part, and several updates adding new features, it hasn’t perform as well as we had hoped in terms of sales. Whilst we’re not happy about this, we’re equally not whining about it – it is what it is and lessons have been learnt. It does, however, affect how we are able to proceed on future projects.

The games we really want to write are all large projects and will require large amounts of planning, design, development and artwork, all of which take time. As a very small studio that is completely self-funded, dedicating that sort of time to single projects requires money. Money for things like food, bills, rent – you know, the basics. That’s money that we don’t currently have. So we have taken a decision to move some smaller games that we’ve had in mind for a while to the front of the queue, and work on the larger projects in the background at a slower rate.

Don’t worry, we still have every intention of completing the bigger projects – we’re very passionate about them and they are a big part of why I set up Diado Gaming in the first place – we just need to get some of the smaller, quicker to produce, games to market in order to fund the larger projects.

To that end, I’d like to briefly introduce Ascent, the first of our smaller projects, and our next release.


So what is Ascent? Ascent is a slick new genre-crossing tile-matching game with an innovative twist. We’ll give out much more information over the next few weeks, but here are a few early development screenshots and concept images in the meantime:

Ascent Title ScreenAscent Level Select Screen

Ascent Game Screen ConceptAscent Options Screen Concept

Ascent is going to be released for Windows on PC initially, followed hopefully pretty quickly by a Linux version. From there we’re going to look at a MacOS version, and then on to Android and iOS.


Where does all this leave Equaliser then? Well, we’ve gone back to the drawing board with Equaliser to a certain extent. The core concept is of course the same, but we’ve had another look at parts of the game design and the aesthetic side of it. We’ve also come up with new gameplay elements which add excitement to the game and make it lots more fun. We’re really excited about where it’s going and think everyone else will be too!

We don’t have any images to share with you just at the moment but as soon as we do, rest assured that we will show them off here, on the Equaliser site itself and all over Twitter and Facebook!

One More Thing…

There is one last thing that I’d like to mention… shortly after we release Ascent, we’re going to be releasing another game we’re working on. For free. Yep, you read correctly. Free. Gratis. It’s also going to be something a little different. Well, very different. I’m not going to say any more than that just yet!

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