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Mobile? Mobile!

Yep, I’ve started exploring the world of mobile game development. It’s only a simple game, but it’s one that I have thoroughly enjoyed making, and also enjoy playing, so the chances are that it’s the first of many!

Why now?

I have always had mobile gaming down on my list of things that I should look at at some point, but had put it to the back of my mind as something to tackle once I had finished whatever desktop gaming projects I had on. I’m still working on Less Than Three though, so what gives? Well, I must admit to having been taking a bit of a break from Less Than Three development – I want to come back to it with a fresh creative mindset and needed to do something different in the meantime.

A couple of weeks ago a plethora of (well, three) game engines changed their licensing models, making them effectively free to indie game developers. They were Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, the Unity 5 engine, both primarily desktop-focused 3D engines, and Corona Labs’ CoronaSDK, a mobile-focused 2D engine. UE4 looks interesting but, as it’s C++ and my C++ is very rusty, I marked it down for investigation at some point in the future. Unity 5 is, well, Unity – again, something to have a look at later perhaps. CoronaSDK, though, looked like it might be a nice little distraction for my mind, with the added bonus of it being mobile-focused, an area I was lacking in.

Working with CoronaSDK reminded me of my first forays into programming some 25 years ago. The Lua scripting engine is beautifully clunky and eccentric. It was fun! I enjoyed it so much that, a short time later, I had finished DoubleNumbers.

So what is DoubleNumbers?

DoubleNumbers is a simple number-matching puzzle game.

When a new game is started a 4×4 board is created and populated with random numbers between 1 and 9. To play, you find a pair of matching numbers, tap one the number to select it, then tap its matching counterpart. The first number is then added to the second number and replaced by a new random number between 1 and 9.

The aim of the game is to get the highest score possible before you run out of moves. Simple!

DoubleNumbers is currently available for Android on the Google Play store, and will be coming to both iOS and Windows Phone in the near future. It’s ad-supported using Google’s own AdMob service, but other than is completely free with no in-app purchases (IAPs).


DoubleNumbers Screen Shot DoubleNumbers Screen Shot DoubleNumbers Screen Shot DoubleNumbers Screen Shot DoubleNumbers Screen Shot DoubleNumbers Screen Shot DoubleNumbers Screen Shot 

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