State of Play #2

In the first State of Play blog post I briefly introduced our new game, Electro Bobble, which we recently started developing. In this post I’m going to go give a little more background on Electro Bobble, its storyline, an update on the development progress and a few screenshots.


So what’s the storyline behind Electro Bobble? In Electro Bobble you play a Bobble of electricity that lives in a thunder cloud. Unfortunately for you and the other Bobbles, rain can wash you out of your cloud and to your death below. This is somewhat of a problem when you live in a thunder cloud. The good news is that you can avoid this terrible fate! Every time a storm builds, platforms and other objects made of electricity form that can be used to jump between as they fall with the rain. As long as the Bobbles keep jumping they can weather the storm. You don’t get off that easily though! The Bobbles have to share their cloud with some rather unpleasant beings known as the Electro Meanies, whose sole greedy aim in life is to rid their cloud of the harmless Bobbles and have it all to themselves. These unwholesome characters will do everything within their powers to knock the Bobbles off their platforms and out of their cloud.

As a Bobble you must avoid falling out of your cloud by jumping between platforms and use weapons and special powers that you collect as you jump to defeat the Electro Meanie minions and bosses.

Screenshots and Development Progress

So, now that you know the storyline, here are a few development screenshots and a quick walk-through of what’s going on in them…

Electro Bobble screenshot #1

In the middle we have Mr. Bobble (you can play as Mrs. Bobble too) with the most basic gun floating above his head, controlled by telepathy (in other words, the mouse). You can also see two sizes of basic orange platform and a pink “bouncer” – these are generated procedurally so you never quite know what you will get, or where, so every play-through will be different. There’s no UI yet, but your score, lives and power-ups etc will be displayed in the bar along the bottom.

The background is constantly moving, consisting of puffs of thunder cloud (shown better in the 3rd screenshot) and, of course, lots of rain. We’ve built our own custom particle engine to provide all the particle effects (clouds, rain, explosions etc), so can tweak this to do pretty much whatever we want as we go along.

Electro Bobble screenshot #2

Here we have two Electro Meanie minions attacking poor Mr. Bobble. These particular minions track Mr. Bobble’s movement. Mr. Bobble isn’t taking it lying down though, and is using his gun to fire back at them.

Electro Bobble screenshot #3

Here you can see two different, slightly more dangerous Electro Meanies which Mr. Bobble is jumping to avoid, his cape flapping out behind him. These minions don’t track Mr. Bobble, but randomly fire out lots more bullets than the green minions.

Future Plans

So that’s what we have so far. We’re planning on adding lots of new things as we go forward, such as:

  • Many different types of Electro Meanie minion
  • Progressively more challenging Electro Meanie bosses
  • Power-ups and other items such as score and health gems, jetpacks and homing missiles
  • Lots of different objects to help move around and avoid tumbling to your peril
  • …and much more!

As always, we’d love to hear your comments and feedback, so feel free to drop us a line!

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