State of Play #5


There have been lots of changes to Electro Bobble since the last post, all of which will be covered lower down the post, but first here’s the first gameplay video from Electro Bobble!:

Development Progress


The biggest change has been to platforms. Previously all platforms were solid, but after play-testing we decided that this made navigating more difficult than was fun, and whilst difficult is good, players were dying from falling far too much. So we’ve changed standard platforms (orange) and drop platforms (red) so that only their top surface blocks the player, allowing you to jump through platforms vertically and making navigation easier whilst increasing the pace of the game significantly.

We didn’t want to remove solid platforms completely though, so we’ve added a new platform type (grey) which is totally solid, and a shockwave platform type (blue) that’s triggered when you touch it, sending out a shockwave that damages enemies and bullets in its radius.

Electro Bobble screenshot


We’ve added two new variations to Bobble’s existing weapon, which give more firepower, and another two completely new weapon types with a total of seven different variations for Bobbles to defend themselves with (or to kick Electro-Meanie butt with, whichever you prefer!).

Electro Bobble screenshot Electro Bobble screenshot


The way drops spawn has been completely changed. They are now dropped by enemies and are subject to physics, so they either fall off the screen or settle on platforms, instead of spawning in groups and defying gravity. We’ve also changed the distribution so that certain drops are spawned more often and other less often. There’s also a new drop type which give Bobbles a new weapon.


Bobble now has a shield! Collecting shield drops (the lightning bolts) charges Bobble’s shield meter at the top of the screen. Once full, the player can trigger a shield which will protect Bobble from enemy damage for 30 seconds.

Electro Bobble screenshot

Other Changes

  • Platforms now drop faster as you progress through the game, meaning Bobbles must jump faster to stop themselves from falling to their death the higher they get.
  • There’s now a choice of 3 different Bobbles to play as.
  • Killing enemies now increases your score. Picking up shield drops no longer does.

Future Development

We still have lots planned for Electro Bobble. We’re going to start working more heavily on the sound over the next couple of weeks, and building new bosses. We’re going to add more weapon types, drops, power-ups and enemies. We have new graphics effects to add too. There’s going to be a lot going on – watch this space for updates!

In addition to development work we’re speaking to various distributors and digital distribution platforms with regards to distributing Electro Bobble. If you’re interested in talking to us do please contact us using our contact form or by direct message on Twitter or Facebook.

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