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8 / 10 – “[Electro Bobble] is a 1995, 16 bit, hyped up sugar rush and I hope that this little, adorable blob doesn’t come back down from the clouds anytime soon.” – Pixel Bedlam

8 / 10 – “I recommend this game to all gamers […] You won’t regret it.” –

80% – “Electro Bobble offers new and exciting challenges to fans of platfomers and shooters alike whilst doing something just a little different.” – The Indie Game Magazine

4 / 5 – “The challenge, high quality presentation, brilliant controls and unique feel to Electro Bobble makes it a real charm of a game.” – Game Players Review

“The great gameplay of Electro Bobble is a credit to the hard work of developer Diado Gaming, who deliver an impressively smooth and polished action experience.” – Independent Gaming

At a Glance

  • Platform: Windows
  • Genre: Arcade shoot-em-up platformer
  • Language: English
  • DRM: None / DRM-free
  • Release Date: 06 Feb 2013
  • Features:
    • Procedurally generated
    • 6 unique, challenging bosses
    • 9 different enemy types
    • 3 different Bobbles to play as
    • Jetpacks and other power-ups
    • Supports XBox controllers


This State of Play covers the changes in recently released version 1.0.3 of Electro Bobble!

So What’s New?

When we were building this version of Electro Bobble we had two main goals (in addition to a few bug fixes) – to make it much more enjoyable to play using an XBox controller, and to add more depth to the choice of Bobble and use of power-ups.

XBox Controller

We’ve completely revamped the gamepad control system to make the game much more enjoyable when using an XBox controller, based on feedback from our players.

Firing is now achieved simply by moving the right thumb-stick in the direction you want to fire. No need to worry about a crosshair, no need to keep a button pressed down the whole time you’re firing, just move your thumb and your Bobble will fire in that direction! This feels so much more natural, and really improves the game play.

In addition to that, we’ve removed mouse support from the menu system, and changed the menu control system so that moving through menu options can be achieved just by moving up or down on the left thumbstick, DPad, WASD keys or arrow keys. The only exception to this is the Options menu which still functions in the same way as before, using a mouse cursor which can be controlled be either the mouse or the gamepad.

Bobble Perks

Bobble Perks

To add depth to the choice of Bobble, and make it more than a purely aesthetic choice, each Bobble now has its own unique perk! The three perks are faster autofire; higher jumps; and more power-ups.


To make the use of power-ups more interesting, we’ve made changes to the existing power-ups so that they are weaker initially, when the game is easier, and can become significantly more powerful as the game progresses and becomes harder.

Power-Up Upgrades

To do this we’ve introduced “upgrade” power-ups which spawn in the same way as regular power-ups but, upon being collected, upgrade all future power-ups of a particular type for the rest of the game. Not only that, but you can collect them multiple times, continually making your power-ups better and better!

Here’s an overview of the changes to the existing power-ups, and their respective “upgrade” power-ups:

  • Health Power-Ups – Heal your Bobble for 50hp instead of 100, but upgrades increase this by 10hp each time (capped at 100).
  • Shield Power-Ups – Shield your Bobble from damage for 10 seconds instead of 20, but upgrades increase this by 5 seconds each time (uncapped).
  • Jetpack Power-Ups – Gives your Bobble a jetpack for 20 seconds instead of 60, but upgrades increase this by 10 seconds each time (uncapped).
  • Score Power-Ups – Adds 5,000 points to your score instead of 10,000, but upgrades increase this by 1,000 points each time (uncapped).

Bug Fixes

This version also fixes several bugs:

  • Fixed a bug which would cause the game to crash on loading if the highscore data file is somehow corrupted.
  • Fixed a bug which occasionally caused some textures to corrupt on loading.
  • Fixed a bug in the particle engine which caused substantial over-estimation of required particles, resulting in more CPU and memory usage than necessary.

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