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As many of you know, it was the Rezzed PC and indie game show at the weekend down here in Brighton. Obviously being an indie studio, avid gamers and from Brighton, we just had to go! So here’s our run-down on what we saw, what we did and what we thought about it all…

The Games

There was a good range of games there, from big studios such as EA and Ubisoft down to small indie studios like Introversion and The Indie Stone. There was also Sega’s awesome “Leftfield Collection”, a collection of up and coming indie games, which was great to see featured.

Games ran the gamut from classic FPS adventures like Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2 and Aliens: Colonial Marines, through retro top-down shooters like Miami Hotline, MMOs such as TERA and Raiderz to strategy games like XCOM, Xenonauts and End Of Nations, with plenty in between!

Our favourites at the show, and games you should definitely check out, were:

  • Hotline Miami – for its retro top-down style and rage-inducing difficulty
  • Prison Architect – for its interesting gameplay, longevity and fun AI
  • Strike Suit Zero – for its awesome space battles
  • Guacamelee – for its puzzles, randomness and humour
  • Trash TV – for its platform-puzzling fun
  • DayZ – Zombies, lots of zombies. Enough said!
  • Many others we can’t remember right now!

The Talks

There were two talks in particular that grabbed our attention.

The first was by The Indie Stone entitled “How (not) to Make an Indie Game” (or something along those lines) and covered the ups and downs of the development of their game, Project Zomboid, so far. There was plenty of humour as they told us of horrendous luck such as being unable to return to their house 3 days before a milestone alpha release, with 3 days’ worth of code left to write, due to a bomb scare in the neighbouring house, and how they managed to lose 2 months’ worth of source code due to a burglary and no internet connection to perform their usual off-site back-up. They talked about the great community response to their game, the challenges that brought with it, and the ongoing support through the development process and even through the bad times despite a few detractors. They commented on their individual professional backgrounds, and why all game developers should consider “going indie”. All in all it was a light-hearted but terrifically inspiring talk which prompted us to improve our off-site back-up routine significantly!

The second talk was by Introversion Software. Again with plenty of humour, it covered the inception and development of their game Subversion, followed by why it “sucked” (their words, not mine!) and was eventually shelved. Then they moved on to their new game, Prison Architect (which looks amazing), and gave an overview of how it came to be, their thinking behind it, the development so far and the plans for the future. Another very inspiring and humourous talk!

Both talks strongly affirmed our belief that indie is best!

The People

That just leaves one last thing about Rezzed to comment on – the people! As a new studio we didn’t just go to Rezzed to play games, we went to meet people – both gaming industry people and other gamers like ourselves, and I can honestly say that every single person we spoke to was awesome! Particular mentions (apologies if I have forgotten anyone!) go out to…

  • Nick from MasterTronic
  • Chris from TERA (who kindly bought us a round of drinks whilst we were chatting at the after-party – Thanks Chris!)
  • Will, Duncan and Chris from the The Creative Assembly
  • Matt and Dean from DayZ (who looked surprisingly fresh on Saturday morning!)
  • and last, but not least, Mithun and Alex

There’s one last person I would like to mention though, and that is my lovely partner, Alice. She came along to Rezzed with me because she’s my partner and wanted to support me by being there, but also because she has as much of a passion for games as I do. Without her I wouldn’t have met a lot of the people I did, and Diado Gaming wouldn’t have got our name out to anywhere near as many people. With that in mind we’ve had a chat and decided that she should officially become a part of the team, and is now Diado Gaming’s (tentative role title) Liaison Manager!

And Finally…

So, to sum up: Rezzed was awesome. We had loads of fun playing some really good games, were inspired and amused by the talks, and met some awesome people – very well done to the Rezzed team for organising such a great event!

We didn’t take many photos whilst we were there (forgot to bring a decent camera, and were too busy gaming and chatting anyway), but here are the few blurry ones we did take:

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