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State of Play #11

Further updates regarding the way we’re thinking at the moment, what we’re working on now, and EGXRezzed 2014.

State of Play #10

An update on what we’re doing at the moment, and an insight to our current thinking.

State of Play #9 (Electro Bobble Update!)

Read all about the new features and bug fixes in version 1.0.3 of Electro Bobble!

State of Play #8 (The Equaliser Edition!)

Find out more about how development of our music-based game, Equaliser, is going!

State of Play #7

Find out more about the release of Electro Bobble, and some of the changes we’re going to be making to it over the next few days!

State of Play #6

Find out more about how Electro Bobble development is progressing!

State of Play #5

Introduction There have been lots of changes to Electro Bobble since the last post, all of which will be covered lower down the post, but first here’s the first gameplay video from […]

State of Play #4

Development Progress Update It’s been a while since we posted an Electro Bobble dev-blog and quite a lot has happened since the last one, so here’s an overview of what’s been going […]

State of Play #3

Just a quick post this time to give a little teaser of the Electro Bobble title screen. We’ve decided to have a little fun and are building an animation that runs along […]

State of Play #2

In the first State of Play blog post I briefly introduced our new game, Electro Bobble, which we recently started developing. In this post I’m going to go give a little more […]

State of Play #1

I thought I’d start our shiny new development blog off with a post about where we are at the moment, and where we’re planning on going as an indie game studio. As […]